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The Association Euromed Capital is a french law association which was constituted in January 2005. Since its inception, it has welcomed members from various countries bordering the Mediterranean area.

The purpose of the Association is to promote exchanges and cooperation between the various actors and partners of the private equity of the Mediterranean shores, the companies they finance, investors and international organizations interested in this activity. It enables the development of their business flows with Europe and Africa.

The Association is recognized by the authorities and players in the financing of small, medium and intermediate-sized enterprises. If it is a place for exchanges between its members, its action has led it to ensure meetings between investors and entrepreneurs on both sides of the Mediterranean, to facilitate the exchange of good practices, to stimulate reflections on legal, fiscal or regulatory.

These actions have significantly changed the administrative, political and operational ecosystem of financing and development of SMEs / STIs and have thus had a positive impact on the promotion of employment.

Who are the members ?

Membership to Euromed Capital is open to the following partners:

Domestic or international managers of Private Equity firms on the Mediterranean shores and in Africa, service providers of the Private Equity sector (banks, law firms, audit firms, consultants, research institutes, universities, insurance companies…);

Private Equity firms in other countries (non-Mediterranean or Africa) ;

Companies financed by Private Equity on the Mediterranean shores and in Africa.

Finally, Private Equity organizations in Europe and Africa are also members such as the EVCA, AVCA, AFIC as well as the AMIC, ATIC, AIFI, ASCRI and APCRI.

What services are available to its members?

A network of visibility

As a forum for exchanges between high-level professionals, the association provides privileged access to all the private equity players from the various countries bordering the Mediterranean area.

Many events

The Association aspires to conduct numerous projects such as:

Organization of meetings between leaders. By capitalizing on the business relationships of the members of the Association, meetings are organized between business leaders on the shores of the Mediterranean in order to promote their financing, and, where appropriate, the approximation of these undertakings.

Organization of digital meetings between leaders. Leaders from the shores of the Mediterranean will be able to meet online, present their companies, discover their products, share their experiences and find Commercial Partners.

Organization of seminars dedicated to managers.

The rates

Individual: €250 before taxes (strictly for the self-employed)

Legal person: €1500 before taxes

How to become a member?

Click here to access the application form to send by mail to:

How to become a member:

If you wish to benefit from all the advantages that Euromed Capital offers such as the conferences, HEC training, reference documents, privileged access to qualified counterparts… All you need to do is to click on the link below, fill out the inscription form and send it to


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